SM Article for November 2001QST

Allan Cameron, N7UJJ, has been given the "ARRL "2000 Educator of the Year" award. He has been a great teacher and amateur radio instructor at Carl Hayden High School for many years and this award is long overdue. Congratulations Allan, for a job well done. Fried Heyn, WA6WZO, our present SW Division Director is stepping down after over 18 years of service as our SW Director. Art Goddard, W6XD, has been selected to replace Fried as the new "ARRL Southwest Division Director". This leaves the position of Vice Director open. This position is being sought after by two (2) individuals, Tuck Miller, NZ6T, the present SM for San Diego, and Ned Stearns, AA7A, an ARRL volunteer and DXer for Arizona. Ballots will be in the mail soon and all ARRL members will be asked to vote. Have you used our new satellite, AO40? It is now up and running and many contacts have been made through this new object. I do not have the equipment for this type of activity, but many people here in Arizona are having fun working through the satellite. The ATV group has placed a repeater on Mount Lemon. The frequency of operation is input= 434.00 MHz, output= 1253.250 MHz. This part of amateur radio is now starting to take hold here in Arizona. We have several state and local nets that are used to sharpen our skills so in the event of an emergency we are prepared. The state emergency net is every Sunday morning at 0800 local time on 3990 kHz. Every evening at 0200Z (1900 hours local) is the state traffic net on 3992 kHz. Please try and join as often as possible. Check with your local club to find out the time and frequency of the many local nets, both HF and VHF. Now that the summer is over, it is time for the many public service events that take place in this state: The Tour de Phoenix bike ride, The Tour De Tucson bike ride, Climb A Mountain walk for Cancer, Etc. Are you a participant in these events? Do you use your radio skills to give back to your community? If not, and you are interested in becoming a community volunteer, contact me by telephone or e-mail and I will provide you with a person to contact so you can also be a good community leader. We have two (2) people here in Arizona that are authorized to perform DX card checking; Ned Stearns, AA7A (Phoenix Area) and Bill Schuchman, W7YS, (Flagstaff/Kingman area). If you need this service, let me know and I will help you in this process. Good Dxing. Dont forget to checkout the state web site at This site has all the latest state information and links to the many clubs here in Arizona and throughout the country. The Old Pueblo Radio Club will have its hamfest at the PIMA County Fair ground on 20 October 2001, then we have the Fall hamfest at Mesa Community College on 01 December 2001, sponsored by the Superstition ARC. I will not be at the OPRC event due to vacation but will be at the Fall hamfest in Mesa, so if you have a complaint, new idea, or just want to say hello, please stop by the ARRL booth (normally my truck). 73s Clifford Hauser KD6XH.