Arizona Section Manager article for November 2000 QST

Summer vacation is over and I have gone back to work. Yes, I finally found a job and can now afford amateur radio activities. Rick Paquette, W7RAP, has been appointed as an assistant section manager with the purpose of coordination of VE examinations through the state. I get many calls each month asking for the next scheduled VE testing and normally don't have the up-to-date information. Rick will be my single point of contact and will keep this data and be able to provide people with the necessary information. Please give him all the help he needs to do this important function. Rick can be reached at 520-794-0387. Ned Stearns, AA7A, has been approved for DXCC card checking. He is a member of the Central Arizona DX Association and will be available for card checking during major hamfest and other times as necessary. The Kingman hamfest was small but very nice and well done. Thanks to the Hualapai amateur radio club for a job well done. As of this date, the Old Pueblo Radio Club (OPRC) will still have their hamfest on 21 October 2000. Their president, George Lynch, KA1TY, was fatally injured in a skiing accident during the summer and was the primary planner for this event. I recently received a telephone call from a new operator asking the question of why repeaters have squelch tones (PL) listed and how can he modify his radio to be able to access these repeaters. I explained the concept of tone squelch and why these different tones were necessary. Then I helped him program the proper tone into his radio memory. The point of this is that we have many new operators that need assistance and help so they can enjoy the hobby. We need to be available to help these people as necessary. This will encourage them and also keep our hobby alive. Your ARRL dues can be renewed through your local ARRL affiliated club. This allows the club to get a small portion of the dues, $2.00. You still pay the $34.00 fee, but the club only sends in $32.00. Please keep your newsletters coming so I can keep up with the activities around the state. My e-mail address is, and my home telephone number is 520-744-9095. If you call and I am not home, please leave a message and I will call you back. I am normally at home after 1930 hours each evening. 73's Clifford Hauser, KD6XH