Arizona Section Manager article for March 2001 QST

Were has the time gone. It seems that I get later each month in submitting this article. I tried to have it to ARRL headquarters by the 5th, but this month it is already after my deadline date and I am just getting time to sit down and think about what happened last month. I was privileged to attend the Central Arizona DX Association Awards Banquet on the13th of January. It is an annual event that recognizes people who have contributed to the club and Arizona during the last year. This event was nicely done, thank you CADXA for a good time and 25 years as a club ( also ARRL affiliated for 25 years). The Yavapai ARES was given special thanks from the Prescott Red Cross for its help in locating a family member that was on a Caribbean cruise. Lee Cunningham was instrumental in using amateur radio to get a priority message to this person about a deceased relative. All other forms of communications failed. Again, amateur radio comes to the rescue and helps the community. The 2001 amateur radio club listing has been mailed to over 65 clubs. If your club has not received this mailing, please contact me and I will send you the paperwork. Also, if the information in this listing is not correct, then please let me know so it can be changed. I get two (2) or three (3) calls each month asking for the nearest amateur radio club and a point of contact. Is your club affiliated with the ARRL? If not, then please consider going through the process and getting your club affiliated either as special service club or just affiliated. It takes over 50% of the club membership belonging to the ARRL to achieve this status. The Northern Arizona DX club has 100% ARRL membership and they are listed as a special service club. The next hamfest is this month at the Scottsdale Community college on 10 March 2000. This event has a very large attendance so if you want to buy or sell some equipment, this is a must attend event. A hamfest will be held at DeVry on 07 April 2001 sponsored by the Arizona Amateur Radio Association. At the present time, I plan to be at both of these this events so stop by and say hello and if you have any ideas on how to improve amateur radio within Arizona, I am willing to listen and incorporate any new plans. The Arizona web site is alive and doing well. Tom Fagan, WB7NXH, has developed this web site for the Arizona section and is always providing new material and updating it every day. The address is At this time it has the recent club listings, hamfest information, and a few other items along with several links to other clubs and special web sites. As this web site progresses, we will add more items of interest, to include the list of volunteers. If you have questions or ideas on how to improve this web site, contact Tom at or myself. Please keep your newsletters coming so I can keep up with the activities around the state. I receive newsletter from Kingman, Payson, Sierra Vista, Flagstaff, and all points in-between. Next year the ARRL SW Convention will be in Riverside at the Holiday Inn. Starts reserving this time slot and make the necessary arrangements before you forget. My e-mail address is, (see page 12 of this magazine under Arizona) and my home telephone number is 520-744-9095. I have started school, so every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (1600 hours to 1900 Hours) I will be attending Pima Community college to learn AUATOCAD 2000. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks. So if you call and I am not home, please leave a message and I will call you back. 73ís Clifford Hauser, KD6XH