Arizona Section Manager article for July 2001 QST



It is time for "Fort Tuthill", July 27-29th. Yes, this is the month that most of us wait for so we can take a trip to cool Flagstaff, talk with old friends, make new friends, and either sell or buy the additional equipment. Donít forget that it will cost you $1.00 entrance fee for whole weekend (not per day). . Also the county campground in the back of the fairgrounds has removed the outside pay showers. This will only effect the people who dry camp using tents. Th e campground is in a remodeling mode so it will be about two (2) more years before the remodeling is complete. If you have not made any room reservations, do so quickly as the motels fill up because this is the tourist season. ARCA has set aside several rooms at the Econo Lodge for people who want to stay there. Call the motel directly and ask for the ARCA special. This has been a busy month of public service activity. The Catalina ARC provided support for the "March of Dimes" walkathon on April 28. The communications support was headed by Tom Fagan, WB7NXH, with help from Bob Nace, KD6OSL, Gay Nace, KD7JYZ, Ed Sherlock, N6KIV, Larry Brown, W7LB, Dennis Freeman, K2BPK, Jim Johnson, KD7CQS, Greg Michels, KB7WFO, John Sweeney, WA6PBD, Al Balius, KD7ECL, Ed Laconto, WR7A, Dick Lavigne, W7PBR, and Charlie Scarborough, AC7LU. The Hualapai ARC did booth duty during the Mohave County Educational Fair, 27-29 April 2001, and helped several kids build code practice oscillators. Yes, several kids were impressed with the old way of communications. They also put a portable HF station on the air and let kids talk around the world and across the US. Robert Kimbrell, AC7BN, spearheaded this effort. The Tucson Repeater Association, with Ted Willis AA&HX, leading the charge, provided communications for the "Tour of the Tucson Mountains" Bike Ride on April 22nd. These events help us improve our skills so when an actual emergency happens we will be ready. If you want to become one of the many people who train for emergency communications preparedness, the state has an emergency net every Sunday morning at 0800 on 3990 kHz and PIMA County has an emergency communications preparedness net at 0845 on 3995 kHz every Sunday. Other counties also have this type of communications preparedness so no matter where you live within Arizona, we can become prepared to provide communications during any emergency. The Arizona web site is alive and doing well. Tom Fagan, WB7NXH, has developed this web site for the Arizona section and is always providing new material and updating it every day. The address is " ". At this time it has the recent club listings, hamfest information, the Arizona volunteer listings, and several links to other clubs and special web sites. As this web site progresses, we will add more items of interest, to include the list of volunteers. If you have questions or ideas on how to improve this web site, contact Tom at or myself. The 2001 ARRL SW Convention will be in Riverside at the Holiday Inn. Starts reserving this time slot and make the necessary arrangements before you forget. I just finished making my reservations at the hotel and sent in the convention necessary paperwork. Call, write, or e-mail me if you need help or questions answered. 73ís Clifford Hauser, KD6XH