Arizona Section Manager article for December 2000 QST

We now have an Arizona web site. Tom Fagan, WB7NXH, has developed a web site for the Arizona section. The address is ". At this time it has the recent club listings and a few other items along with several links to other clubs and special web sites. As this web site progresses, we will add more items of interest, to include the list of volunteers. If you have questions or ideas on how to improve the web site, contact Tom at The SW Convention is over and if you were not there then you missed a lot of good programs, talking, and special deals from the vendors. I heard many good comments (many from California hams) about the various presentations. All the presentations were well attended with many having standing room only. The banquet with Riley Hollingworth as a speaker was sold out, and the DX breakfast with Vince Thompson, K5VT, on his trip to Bhutan, was well attended with standing room only for the program. Next year the SW Convention will be in Riverside at the Holiday Inn. Starts reserving this time slot and make the necessary arrangements before you forget. The next event here in Arizona is the Fall Hamfest on 02 December 2000, at Mesa Community College. This is a big swapmeet and a few good programs added in, so plan to be at this event. Please stop by the ARRL table and let me know your thoughts on the status of Amateur Radio in this state and how to improve. Rick Paquette, W7RAP, has been appointed as an assistant section manager with the purpose of coordination of VE examinations through the state. I get many calls each month asking for the next scheduled VE testing and normally don't have the up-to-date information. Rick will be the states single point of contact for this activity and will be able to provide the necessary information. He can also get a VE team together to help with examinations. Please give him all the help he needs to do this important function. Rick can be reached at 520-794-0387. ARRL headquarters has approved Ned Stearns, AA7A, for DXCC card checking. He is a member of the Central Arizona DX Association and will be available for card checking during major hamfest and other times as necessary. Your ARRL membership dues can be renewed through your local ARRL affiliated club. This allows the club to get a small portion of the dues, $2.00. You still pay the $34.00 fee, but the club only sends in $32.00. Please keep your newsletters coming so I can keep up with the activities around the state. As of this time, I have no scheduled club visits for the month of December. My e-mail address is, and my home telephone number is 520-744-9095. If you call and I am not home, please leave a message and I will call you back. I am normally at home after 1930 hours each evening. 73's Clifford Hauser, KD6XH