Arizona Section Manager article for August 2001 QST



For all you who live outside of Pinal, Pima, Santa Cruz, and Cochise counties, your telephone area code has been changed to "928". It is going to take a few months getting my ARRL volunteer list changed. So please have patience. This last month has been very active for Amateur Radio in this state. Arcadia High School Amateur Radio club was host to astronaut Bill Shepherd, KD5GSL, Bill Shepherd graduated from Arcadia high school in 1967 and also talked with the school amateur radio club while in orbit aboard the International Space Station earlier this year. Rose Tucker, AC7JO, the president of the club played host and arranged the visit. Gary Capek, K8BN, an Assistant State Section Manager, was also present and represented the ARRL. Bill Shepherd addressed the complete student body and answered many questions on space, training, etc. Mr. Shepherd used the club radio station making a few contacts with other school club stations again answering many questions on space travel. This event was covered by several TV stations and was broadcast on a few news programs in the Phoenix area. Thanks to Ross Tucker, AC7JO, for coordinating this event. It helped put Arizona in the limelight for a day. This month is normally the down month for community service projects. It seems that we donít want to go out in the heat. This is the month I envy the snow visitors who leave for cooler climate. Check with your local ARES/RACES people on future community service events, your help is needed. The state has an emergency net every Sunday morning at 0800 on 3990 kHz and PIMA County has emergency communications preparedness net at 0845 on 3995 kHz every Sunday. Other counties also have this type of communications preparedness so no matter where you live within Arizona, we can become prepared to provide communications during any emergency. The Arizona web site is alive and doing well. Tom Fagan, WB7NXH, keeps this web site for the Arizona section up and running and is always adding or changing material. The address is " ". At this time it has the recent club listings, hamfest information, the Arizona volunteer listings, and several links to other clubs and special web sites. As this web site progresses, we will add more items of interest, to include the list of volunteers. If you have questions or ideas on how to improve this web site, contact Tom at or myself. The 2001 ARRL SW Convention will be in Riverside at the Holiday Inn. Please reserve this time slot and make the necessary arrangements before you forget. This convention has many exhibits and presentations that provide us with new ideas on how to improve amateur radio. The Kingman Hamfest is scheduled for September 29th at the Mohave Community College. It will start about 0600 hours and talk-in will be on 146.76 (-), PL of 131.8. Additional information will be available next month. Call, write, or e-mail me if you need help or questions answered. 73ís Clifford Hauser, KD6XH