Arizona Section Manager article for October 2000 QST

Fort Tuthill is over for the year 2000. Except for the heat (around 100), all went well. There was no rain and the attendance was about normal. This was the first time in over 25 years that Joe Knight, K5PDY, the SM for New Mexico missed our event, he was very sick. We will look for you next year. Thanks to the QRP organization for showing us how to build and solder a radio together. For many people this was the first time they used a solder iron. This class and demonstration was well received by many people. ARCA did a great job in setting up the facilities and putting together the talks. Now it is time to turn our attention to the ARRL Southwestern Division Convention, October 6-8th. This event comes to Arizona only once every 4-5 years so it is special. Reservations can be made through the web site,, or by calling me. The Scottsdale club and the committee members have put together many talks and classes to cover all aspects of amateur radio, from the beginner up to an expert. Ed Hare will do his famous 2-meter antenna build demonstration and Ned Stearns will give a class on how to work a contest. If you haven't experienced the joy of using amateur radio to help at a community event, then you are missing a lot of fun. Our community support helps out in many ways. You get to use your amateur radio equipment similar to a field day event, and you also get to help out your local community. Give this type of activity a try, you may like it. Your ARRL dues can be renewed through your local ARRL affiliated club. This allows the club to get a small portion of the dues, $2.00. You still pay the $34.00 fee, but the club only sends in $32.00. Please keep your newsletters coming so I can keep up with the activities around the state. My e-mail address is, and my home telephone number is 520-744-9095. If you call and I am not home, please leave a message and I will call you back. I am normally at home after 1930 hours each evening. 73's Clifford Hauser, KD6XH