SM Article for June/July 2003


For some reason I have not been very good at updating this article. I hope to do better during the last half of this year.  The Hamfest in Show Low on June 7th was very nice and the weather was cool.  This is a good time of the year to have a Hamfest in the mountains to get away from the heat.   The parking lot for the school had lots of room and the attendance was very good for this first event.  The Kachina club did a nice job.  Arizona is again burning.  We are having another rash of fires here in Southern Arizona, first Sierra Vista area, then Pima County: Northern Arizona also had a few fires.  We had several people who used their communication skills by changing hats and working for the forest service.  Chuck Michels, KB7RFI, Norm Martin, K7OLD, John Henderson, K7FCC, John Glenn, K7RJR, and Chuck Smallhouse, K7CS, went to work for the forest service on a part time basic to help the communications team for the Aspen fire.  If you want to see what fire does to buildings and equipment, go to and look at the picture of what remains of the Cactus building.   They lost everything at the Mount Lemon Radio Ridge location.  Field day is over for this year and the clubs in Arizona participated over and above what was expected.  This year it was very hot and several clubs moved their operations inside for personnel safety.  Since many mountain areas were closed many clubs had to adjust plans at the last minute and content with the heat and stay in the valley areas.  The Catalina club moved operation to Falcon field near the Tucson airport and operated under emergency power using two (2) Honda 2kw generators but moved people and equipment inside a building.  The RST club moved operation to Gates Pass in the Tucson Mountains and set up operations in one of the campgrounds inside the park. They also used emergency power but were basically outside.  The IBM club was not able to find another site and set up operation at one of the club member's home.  Many Phoenix clubs also had to change locations at the last minute.  But all plans worked out and participation here in Arizona was very good.  I received field day messages from IBM, Catalina, Radio Society of Tucson, Scottsdale, Motorola, Arizona Amateur Radio Club, Hualapai Amateur Radio Club, Verde Valley amateur radio club, and Old Pueblo Radio Club.  I tried taking pictures of the sites that I visited but the pictures did not come out due to operator error.  Next time I will read instructions first.  The next major event is the Fort Tuthill Hamfest on 25-27 July 2003 in Flagstaff.  The biggest change will be in the road system.  The park people have re-done the road system and you can no longer get to the fairground directly from the freeway off-ramp.   All the roads are now one-way only.  Allow yourself extra time to adjust to the new conditions. The Kingman Hamfest is scheduled for September 20th. Make plans for this event.  This article no longer appears in QST, but it can be found on the ARRL Web site" and on the state web site "", and "".  If you want me to e-mail you a copy then just drop me a note and I can add you to my e-mail list.  Clifford Hauser, KD6XH; E-mail is