ARRL Arizona Section Manager Article for January 2003

The year 2002 was a great year for amateur radio here in Arizona. We had 4 major fires that used our emergency response resources to the max. Even though the fire in Show Low received the most publicity, the fires in Prescott, Sierra Vista, and Tucson, also caused major damage to our fragile forest and required our support. Hats off to the emergency organizations that tool the time to help their communities during these periods, Yavapai, Pima, Cochise, and Apache county ARES/RACES teams. We don't want this to happen again here in Arizona.

Take a moment to review the year 2002 from your eyes and then ask yourself a simple question, "Did I help amateur radio this last year in any way"?. If the answer is "NO", then get involved with the local emergency people and be prepared to work with your community. Most amateur radio operators are very active with local community support, but more is needed. Remember, in the event of an emergency, local telephones will be the first to go down with celphones next. Most local governments would be lost without their cel phones. Have you completed the Communications Level 1 Class? This class is very good and it teaches the basic art of emergency communications. If you are not presently taking this class and want to do so, call ARRL Headquarters (Dan Miller, K3UFG) and get all you questions answered. Course cost is $45.00. During an emergency condition we want to be prepared and have the necessary training skills to help. Training must take place prior to emergencies, not during the emergency. Many RACES organizations across the country are requiring its members to take this course as part of their membership requirements. Check with the ARRL for the next course starting date.

Santa was good to me this Christmas and I now have a digital camera. I will read the instructions and start taking pictures of major events and including them in this article. . This article will no longer appear in the QST magazine but it can be found on the ARRL Web site" and on the state web site", and If you want me to e-mail you a copy then just drop me a note and I can add you to my e-mail list.

There was a change in the state Section Emergency Coordinator position: Tom Fagan, WB7NXH, has replaced Ted Willis, AA7HX. All DEC's will please send their month reports to Tom starting 01 January 2003.

Don't forget the Glendale Hamfest on 11 January 2003 at the Glendale Community college.

Clifford Hauser, KD6XH; E-mail is