SM Article for October 2002 QST

Where are all the young people in our hobby? The age of the average person is growing. We are not doing a very good job of getting younger people into this hobby. There are several organizations here in Arizona that are attempting to get kids into our hobby. With the Internet and computer games, it is very hard to interest young people on using antique methods to communicate. Here in Arizona we have the Explorer Post 599, Carl Hayden High School, the Phoenix Science Center, and several other schools that are set up with kids in mind. Tom Fagan, WB7NXH, Dave Kemsley, KD6BTW, and the Radio Society of Tucson as sponsors have set up Explorer Post 73 here in Tucson to educate kids on the advantages of amateur radio. We need to support this new organization and all the others in the state. Several of our teachers have received national recognition for their work with kids. The average of our hobby needs to go down, not up. This is the month of the OPRC Hamfest in Tucson, the date is 19 October, the place is the Pima County fair grounds, and talk in will be on 146.88 (-) (p/l 110.9). This is an indoor event so weather will not be a factor. This is also an ARCA and ARRL sponsored event. All necessary information and directions can be obtained on their web site, or Everyone has heard about the grant from the government to train amateur radio operators in Emergency Communications. At this time I am not sure how this will be administrated but questions can be directed to the ARRL headquarters, or me. If you have already completed this course, then you can tell others about the quality training you have received. This training is very valuable for use during emergencies. Many RACES organizations across the country are requiring its members to take this course as part of their membership requirements. If your club or organization has a special event or function coming up please let me know so I can make sure it gets into this article and on the web sites. We need to advertise to ourselves as well as others whenever possible. Also start planning for the Fall Hamfest at Mesa Community College on 07 December 2002. See you in Tucson on the 19th. Clifford Hauser, KD6XH; e-mail is ""