SM Article for November 2002 QST

This is the month for the "Tour De Tucson" bike ride in Tucson, Mc Dowell Century Bike ride and the MS-150 bike Ride in Phoenix, etc. In other parts of the state there are other similar events that we as amateur radio operators participate in while helping with community communications. Are you ready for these public service events? We can practice our skills using these community service so when an actual emergency occurs, we are ready. Starting January 01, 2003, this article will no longer be printed in QST but will be posted on the ARRL web site along with the state web site. The ARRL Board of Directors approved this change several months ago. See the state web site, or, for further details. Everyone has heard about the grant from the government to train amateur radio operators in Emergency Communications. I have selected five people to take this course at my expense so we can have "Tutors" spread across the state for other people to use when they see something they do not understand. If you have already completed this course, then you can tell others about the quality training you have received. This training is very valuable for use during emergencies because it shows you what and what not to do. Many RACES organizations across the country are requiring its members to take this course as part of their membership requirements. Check with the ARRL for the next course starting date. If your club or organization has a special event or function coming up please let me know so I can make sure it gets into this article and on the web sites. We need to advertise to ourselves as well as others whenever possible. Also start planning for the Fall Hamfest at Mesa Community College on 07 December 2002. See you in there. Clifford Hauser, KD6XH; E-mail is