SM Article for March 2002 QST

This is the month for the Spring Hamfest at Scottsdale Community College, 09 March 2002. This event is one of the big ones for this state so please make plans to attend. Our new Division Director, Art Goddard, W6XD, and the new Vice Director, Tuck Miller, NZ6T, both plan to attend. They would like your input as to what we can do to help amateur radio and what changes you would like to see. So stop by the ARRL booth (my truck) and talk with these two (2) ARRL officials. We have over 50 different amateur radio clubs here in Arizona: From Bullhead City to Sierra Vista, to Yuma, to Holbrook. In Kingman, they have the Hualapai amateur radio club. This club has been around for many years and the current president is Robert Kimbrell, AC7BN. They meet on the first Wednesday of every month in the Kingman Library, 3269 Burbank Street, and the web page is "". They conduct classes from beginner to extra class throughout the year. If your ever in the area and need assistance just use the 2-meter repeater, 146.76 (-) with a PL of 131.8 or the 440 repeater of 448.250 (-) with a PL of 131.8. These repeaters are monitored and they will be happy to answer any questions or give directions. The ARCA web site has been changed to "". Take time to visit their web site and get to know this organization and the officers. ARCA is an organization that represents or 25 of the state amateur radio clubs here in Arizona. They do al lot more than just put on the Fort Tuthill Hamfest. Donít forget to checkout our state web site at "". This site has all the latest information and links to the many clubs here in Arizona, throughout the country, and has a listing for the entire state ARRL volunteerís. We have several state and local nets that are used to sharpen our skills so in the event of an emergency we are prepared. Now is the time for the many public service events that take place in this state. Are you a participant in these events? Do you use your radio skills to give back to your community? Participation in these events will sharpen your radio skills so that when we have an emergency you will be ready. If you are interested in becoming a community volunteer, contact me by telephone or e-mail and I will provide you with a person to contact so you can also be a good community leader. The Arizona Amateur Radio Association will hold is yearly Hamfest on April 13th at the DeVry College parking lot. Then in May, CARA will have its Hamfest on May 06th in Sierra Vista. I do plan to be at all these events. Stop by and talk with me on your feelings and suggestions to improve amateur radio within the state. 73ís Clifford Hauser KD6XH.