SM Article for December 2002 QST

This is it. This will be the last SM article of mine that will be published in the QST. Starting in January 2003 you will find my article on the ARRL Web site and on the state web site", and I also plan to send it to the various club sites around the state. The staff at ARRL headquarters made the decision to delete the SM articles and contesting results effective date of 01 January 2003. This was to give QST editors more room for other articles. The best part of this is that I can now include pictures of special events as part of my article. Have you completed the Communications Level 1 Class? This class is very good and it teaches the basic art of emergency communications. If you are not presently taking this class and want to do so, call ARRL Headquarters (Steve Weald) and get all you questions answered. Course cost is $45.00. During an emergency condition we want to be prepared and have the necessary training skills to help. Training must take place prior to emergencies, not during the emergency. Many RACES organizations across the country are requiring its members to take this course as part of their membership requirements. Check with the ARRL for the next course starting date. Another issue that has surfaced is community support. Here in Arizona we have many people who work with local governments on community activities and emergency support. If your city/county is not included in this type of activity, give me a call and I will help you work with your local officials to set up a working RACES/ARES organization. If your club or organization has a special event or function coming up please let me know so I can make sure it gets into this article and on the web sites. We need to advertise to ourselves as well as promoting the good parts of amateur radio to others whenever possible. The Fall EST Hamfest in Glendale is back in operation for the 11th of January. Also start planning for the Fall Hamfest at Mesa Community College on 07 December 2002. See you in December. Clifford Hauser, KD6XH; E-mail is